The Creed of John Jamieson Michaels Jr.

My past, my experiences, and my influences contributed to my formation. I am walking light; the sun's rays pale in comparison. Even the darkest caves fill with my presence! If ever I find my light dimming, I know that my sense of self is slipping, and I must find my way back to my brightness.
 The earth birthed me to influence; to be contagious. I was put here to lead. I was put here to follow. I was put here to speak. I was put here to listen. I will lose at times, but ultimately I will win. I will contribute to the betterment of society.
My family helped mold me. They are my safety net. They are my support group. They taught me; even through their flaws. Their love is my driving force. I will represent them well.
The world is a web. We are all connected! We are unique. The diversity we possess allows us to teach and better each other. I will harbor those that need shelter, even if no one else will.
Circumstances will not always appear perfect, but i know they are for we are always at the right place at the right time. Complaint will get me nowhere in these moments! Action and positivity will drive me forward. I will fail at times, but success will follow.
I uphold ideals everyday. I show compassion and generate smiles. I experience laughter often. I grow daily! I strive to reach my potential, knowing full well that I never will; only because my potential is limitless.

I am that I am

Written during the Indoctrination Week Experience of the Sigma Chi Fraternity Lambda Mu Chapter in the week of October 22, 2011. Last revised May 26, 2016